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Falling in Love all Over Again

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A Valentine’s Sweetheart Story

Imagine arriving to a romantic 3 course meal for two, freshly prepared upon your arrival with cozy booth seating. After your amazing meal and dessert, you’re having a few drinks and unwinding to the point where you are falling in love all over again.

A couple of hours fly by so fast; a strange feeling of never wanting this to end overcomes the dining couple. With a sense of humour, the man says to waitress Jenny, “Regretfully we have to leave now, if only we could stay forever!” Jenny knows by the subtle smirk on his face that he’s joking. But she’s got an answer to his wishful thinking that catches him off-guard that is no joke.  The waitress replies, “Well, I can meet you half way. Would you like me to make an overnight reservation in one of our Jacuzzi or Fireplace Suites?”

Some of the most exhilarating, enchanting and fun times happen when we are least expecting it. Jenny opened the door to an option that required a spontaneous response. The result was a 10 second discussion between a couple that was falling in love all over again, “You know Jenny, we’re going to take you up on that offer and please bring us another bottle of that Mark West Pinot Nior.

Looking for a night in with someone special to you? Chef has prepared an amazing 3 course meal for Valentine’s Day. It’s available all day long and you can stay overnight in one of our cozy rooms with a fireplace or Jacuzzi, if you want to add on to your romantic meal.

The ideal time for you and your sweetie to be treated to comfort and relaxation is now, you deserve it.Book it online or call in your reservation (613) 735-7195—space is limited.

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